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  • Warming
    Ice, frozen solid Now cracks and shifts in the sun Is this what love is?
  • Unfamiliar
    If at first you don’t succeed… Try, try again But if each time, you’re made to bleed They were not your friend If unfamiliar feels all wrong, But familiar is a viper Then maybe I will take a “wrong” turn And see what I can find there
  • Happily Unhappy
    What is wrong with meWhy do I cling to my chains of unhappiness Even while staring joy in the face Even while I can see a life of fulfillment and wonder ahead, Why do I look back at the times of miseryAnd pull them alongside me like luggage? Am I just being stubborn? Or am… Continue reading Happily Unhappy
  • Spring
    A rustling of leaves, left behind by autumn A crisp, cool wind scatters them slightly Revealing the peeking blades of new growth underneath
  • Saltwater
    Why does the sea come in cycles Like my mind returning to thoughts of you The tide rises and falls Like your chest did when I laid with you And I am no better at reading the current Than I was at reading you But while the sea may not care if it kills me… Continue reading Saltwater